How to Jam

Keep checking back to this post for all the info you need to have a happy Jam…


  • Turn up, eat lots of food, smile a lot, get to know people, listen and learn. Easy!


  • Start by downloading the Jam Overview document and refer back to it for key info, details, and schedule.
  • Next, head over to and register as a Jammer for the Atlanta Jam. This is great for us to see who is here and to get yourself out there on the global stage. You’ll also need to upload your projects along the way so there’s a record of your awesomeness!
  • You should be working towards refining and testing your concept throughout the day so keep track of your work by using sticky notes, making drawings, building prototypes, and even the occasional document. You can download the service design tools as a reminder if you need them.
  • Remember to post share your work and show the world what you’re getting up to. Use the hashtags #Atlanta #GSJam whenever you post about the Jam.

We’ll be going to dinner at Takorea in the evening, let us know if you’d like to join for some food and maybe a few drinks. I think they call it networking or something?


  • It’s time to pull everything together. Go to the Google Drive for documents and templates.
  • We have a file in the Drive to help you build a process book. Add your own photos and notes to capture the great work you’ve put in over the weekend. We’ll showcase these on our site after the event.
  • Make sure you’re registered on then upload your process book to share with with the global community.

Keep in Touch

After the event join us online to become part of our network. You can find us here:





LinkedIn group:

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