2017 Schedule

The 2017 schedule is now confirmed with many excellent design activities and demos lead by our experienced mentors and three exciting industry speakers that will be joining us throughout the weekend. Below is our general tried and tested outline of events but expect a few developments and surprises over the course of the Jam…

FRIDAY – February 17 @ 5pm

We’ll meet at Georgia Tech College of Design, get to know each other and get settled.  Parking and address information can be found here.

FRIDAY – February 17 @ 6.00 pm

The secret global theme and our own local goals for the Jam are presented.  Ideation in informal groups begins and we’ll grab food along the way as we start the creative process.

FRIDAY – February 17 @ 8pm-ish

The local Jam comes together for a concept pitching session.  Groups form along areas of interest to them and share their first ideas in a fun, open and informal way.

FRIDAY – February 17 @ 9pm-ish through SUNDAY – FEBRUARY 19 @ 1pm

The groups work independently, supported by mentors and jam organizers to work through a range of design-thinking techniques.  Research or observations are performed internally, virtually or through short excursions into the local area as required. The teams develop their service design and prototype it using whatever methods they choose. Demos are provided throughout to help jammers with the tasks ahead. We wind the Jam down each evening to give time to rest or for a few drinks in Midtown Atlanta.

Local Jams are in contact globally through social media, wormholes, carrier pigeons or whatever else we set up. Share, exchange, inspire. But remember – it is deeply Cheesy and Uncool to communicate the themes to teams to the West of you. For a level playing field, themes are announced at LOCAL time…

SUNDAY – February 19 @ 1pm

The teams deliver documentation of a working prototype.  This can be a film of human interaction, photos of a mock-up, a dummy website, or anything else that provides a permanent, publishable record of their idea and work. These are uploaded and published for the world under Creative Commons licensing.

After that, we’ll sit back, kick back, enjoy a well-earned beverage and browse through the global results. Or you can get busy supporting teams further to the west…


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