2020 Schedule

The 2020 schedule is still under development, but there will definitely be excellent design activities and demos lead by our experienced mentors. There will also be some exciting industry speakers.

Below is a general idea of what to expect based on our previous events.


5:00pm – Arrive

Meet and get to know each other and get settled.

 6:00pm – Dinner, “What is Service Design?” and Theme Reveal

The secret global theme and our own local goals for the Jam are presented. We’ll grab dinner while we hear an overview of the service design process.

7:00pm – Discovery

We’ll discover service needs related to the theme via quick research methods. Ideation in informal groups begins. The more ideas the merrier; there are no bad ideas. Small groups form around areas of interest to flesh out early concepts.

 8:30pm – First Concept Pitch

We’ll come together for a concept pitching session. Groups share their first ideas in a fun, open and informal way. Some groups might use bodystorming, others might use storyboards or a play dough scene. The sky is the limit! Teams (3+ people) form around their favorite focus areas.

9:00pm – Done for the day

Teams create a quick research plan for the morning. Then it’s off to bed. Innovation doesn’t happen without food and sleep!


8:30am – Breakfast

Everybody needs fuel for thinking! Mmmm, I can taste the deliciousness already.

9:00am – Desk research and multiple concepts

Teams gather their research and flesh out a few exploratory concepts. The goal is to make service prototypes that can be tested with potential users.

10:30am – Service Safari

Teams get outside and experience some services. There are services everywhere, from Marta to Starbucks to reserving a parking meter! After a little exploring, teams share their service concepts with a few people to get initial feedback.

12:30pm – Lunch, “Prototyping Services” [Guest Speaker]

Hear from a designer who has prototyped quite a few services. Oh, and eat good food.

1:30pm – Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

Teams work independently, supported by mentors and jam organizers, to turn their initial research into a refined service concept. Teams apply design-thinking techniques to iterate quickly.  More research or observations are performed internally, virtually or through short excursions into the local area as required. Teams develop their service design and prototype it using whatever methods they choose. Demos are provided throughout to help Jammers with the tasks ahead. Snacks will be available throughout.

8:00pm – Dinner on the town or go home

Unwind from a full day of service design by going out with fellow Jammers. Join if you like, or go home and get some sleep.


9:30am – Breakfast

Get back in the groove with some food.

10:00am – Refine Concept and Storytelling

Teams pivot to the pitch and figure out how to share their service with the world. This can be a film of human interaction, photos of a mock-up, a dummy website, or anything else that provides a permanent, publishable record of the ideas and work. Mentors will provide tips and tricks about how to guide audiences from “how it is now” to “how it could be”.

12:00pm – Working Lunch

It’s crunch time, so grab a sandwich and get back to storytelling.

 1pm – Final Concept Pitch!

Teams deliver documentation of a working prototype.  All deliverables are uploaded and published for the world under Creative Commons licensing to the Global Service Jam website.

2pm – Build your network (then go home)

After the presentations, make sure to share contact info with fellow Jammers to grow your network. Feel free to enjoy a well-earned beverage and browse through the results from other Global Service Jams. Or you can get busy supporting Jam teams in western time zones…

Throughout the Jam – Connect with other Jammers!

Local Jams are in contact globally through social media, wormholes, carrier pigeons, or whatever else we set up. Share, exchange, inspire. But remember – it is deeply cheesy and uncool to communicate the themes to teams to the West of you. For a level playing field, themes are announced at LOCAL time…


One thought on “2020 Schedule

  1. Niharika says:

    Hi how do I register for Atlanta service jam 2020. I couldnt find on the website, eventbrite or on Linkedin. It says below that it begins in 73 days. Please let me know. Thanks.

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